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We can’t sit and watch from the television anymore.

As a black man, I have to have a say I couldn’t feel any prouder of who I am and what I represented at this very moment. I was taken back at how powerful and real it felt being united as a people at the protest for Mike Brown yesterday. My beautiful people, my courageous people. We search for justice in a place where it’s JUST US.
All we want is to be treated equally. My moms need her son. My little sister needs male guidance. And we MUST continue to be a change in this cold world because we are STILL stronger together than divided. Peace that isn’t inspired from another nigga’s bloody pieces. And unity that’s not motivated by my brother’s eulogy.
Life is love, we just want to keep living.
#RIPMikeBrown #ForeverIWill #TRDON #JustUs

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